Bible Study Classes: Sundays, 10:45 am (Fall)

We aim to equip Christians to worship and serve Jesus Christ in every facet of their lives. These classes are designed to be a community of learning. In these classes, we seek to cultivate in the lives of Christians both the knowledge and disciplines of loving God, loving others, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Two Ways to LiveTwo Ways to Live & Apologetics: Presenting the Gospel to Others

Over the course of these studies, we will seek to understand and articulate the gospel message as well as explain what Christian apologetics is and why Christian apologetics should matter to you. Click here to register.

MissionsMissions: God’s Glory in All the Nations

One of our core values is Missions: Proclaiming Jesus…from our neighborhoods to the nations. This study challenges you to hear and consider how God is calling every one of us to participate in this mission. Click here to register.

OTimage2Old Testament Overview (Pt. 2): Ecclesiastes–Malachi

The class is designed to give you an overview of each book of the OT. But it’s also designed so you see how the whole OT fits together. Here’s an opportunity to slow down and dive deeper into God’s word. Click here to register.

Unity and DiversityUnity & Diversity and Baptist Essentials: Unified around Essentials

We will explore a critical question, Why are unity and diversity so important to God in a local church? After exploring the rich contours of God’s design for unity in diversity, then we’ll explore our baptist identity & heritage. Click here to register.

parenthood imageParenthood: Displaying God as Father

We want you to see God’s purposes for family and parenthood. We will focus on the family as a primary way to understand God and His purposes in the world and that building families is a vital Christian ministry. Click here to register.


Singleness and Dating

Singleness & Dating: Glorifying God in Singleness

These studies unpack a basic theology of singleness and then address some related issues: identity, contentment, dating those outside the congregation, chemistry, accountability, and how to break up well. Click here to register.