Bible Study Classes: Sundays, 10:45 am (Summer)

We aim to equip Christians to worship and serve Jesus Christ in every facet of their lives. These classes are designed to be a community of learning. In these classes, we seek to cultivate in the lives of Christians both the knowledge and disciplines of loving God, loving others, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

evangelismimageEvangelism: Sharing the Gospel with Our Words

We want to equip you, encourage you, and exhort you to be disciple-makers. This class will tackle some issues of apologetics as well as equip you to engage some other major religions. Click here to register.

biblical theology imageBiblical Theology: Jesus at the Center of Scripture’s Story

Biblical theology seeks to understand not only what the Bible teaches, but how God progressively tells his redemptive story in the Bible. The very nature of its telling, its unfolding, shapes our understanding of the Bible. Click here to register.

OTimageOld Testament Overview (Pt. 1): Genesis-Proverbs

The class is designed to give you an overview of each book of the OT. But it’s also designed so you see how the whole OT fits together. Here’s an opportunity to slow down and dive deeper into God’s word. Click here to register.

living as church imageLiving as a Church: Unity that Shows Off the Gospel

This class explores a biblical and practical blueprint of what makes a church healthy–where sound doctrine expresses itself in love that glorifies God. You will be given clear ideas of what each can do to build a healthy church. Click here to register.

biblicalmanhood imageBiblical Manhood: God’s Design and Promises (Men’s Study)

What makes a real man? This study aims to unpack the answers the Bible gives to the question of identity that men face today. This course doesn’t set out to be politically correct but faithful to God’s counter-cultural Word. (Recommended Study Guide $7) Click here to register.